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Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets Moving Blankets

Schaaf carries large supply of moving blankets. Our supplier, Sandhill Quilting ( makes some of the finest moving blankets available. Their great quality pads can mean the difference between keeping and losing a customer.

Schaaf always has on hand their “economy” pad that comes in seventy two inches by eighty inches (72” x 80”) so you don’t have to be caught short. They are multi colored and designed for furniture manufacturers and local movers, so you know they are good. 24 oz. per yard lining and their double lock quilting procedure ensures you protection and durability at a great price.

4 Wheel Dollies & Rubber Bands

Need a 4 wheel dolly or Rubber Bands? Schaaf carries just what you need. Specifications of : 1" hardwood rails, standard rubber cushions 4" non-marking caster with a size of 18" by 30”. It weighs only 21 pounds yet can take a load of one half a ton!

Schaaf also carries the LARGE rubber bands you need to keep things securely wrapped